Documentation Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry by Operation

Design & Development

Document types

  • Design drawings / Specifications
  • Change request forms
  • Project planning document


Difficulty tracking and managing file versions

Not easy to search by file name and find the document you need

Unable to control access to each document with detailed security controls.

Production & Quality

Document types

  • Production plan / Instructions
  • Daily production / work reports
  • Quality control reports


Scanning paper is difficult to sort and manage documents

Unable to control the quality of recognition rate by OCR

Unable to utilize scanned document data, such as aggregating numerical data.

Purchasing & Accounting

Document types

  • Quotation / Purchase order
  • Invoices / Delivery note
  • Contracts


Email-based document exchange complicates management

Mistaken e-mails or wrong attachments when sending documents

Unsure if business partners are checking documents sent via email

iA Documents facilitates business DX by centralizing document management, enhancing information access, and digitizing inter-company distribution.

Features of iA Documents

OCR and data linkage functions to support digitization of paper form reports

Detailed document management available to all departments

iA TransPrint to drive electronic transactions of all documents*

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